About Us


Cake design and sweet catering gourmet factory based in Milan.

Our philosophy, supported by continuous research and detailed reviews, is to develop a concept of personalized catering-design making every single production a unique experience.

Managed and directed by Fabiana’s decennial business vision and Valentina’s Italian-American creative mind, our lab combines Italian artisanal sophistication in the preparation of recipes with a one of a kind American flair in decoration. 

A carefully designed production process involves only high quality and refined cruelty free ingredients; organically farm raised eggs are exclusively used for our cakes and sweets, along with fresh organic seasonal fruits, Bourbon vanilla, biodynamic whole cream and the highest quality French chocolate.
All our products maintain their artisanal quality during each production phase and are absolutely free of preservatives and artificial flavouring toguarantee the highest standard and satisfaction of our customers.